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Take your students on a journey without leaving the classroom. Field Trip Library brings events to life through significant places, timelines and rich media.

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Interactive History

Tour the ancient civilizations of Egypt, discover the world alongside Christopher Columbus, and witness the Salem witch trials through rich media and interactive maps. Color your lesson plans with National Geographic video, photos, audio clips, podcasts, articles, quizzes and more.

Lesson Plans

Put Maps101 to work by connecting exclusive material to your Field Trips. Designed and developed by educators like you, every Field Trip includes lesson plans and activities that reinforce understanding and critical thinking, and save you time as well.

A Care For Standards

Field Trip Library and Maps101 are both correlated with Common Core and TEKS standards. Content is accompanied by useful tools such as critical thinking exercises and text-dependent questions.

Mobile & Desktop

Use Field Trip Library for classroom-based one-to-many instruction, or through individual student tablet devices. Like Maps101, Field Trips can be accessed from home or school via any internet browser using the school or district login.

Games & Activities

Field Trips are meant to be fun! Get your students active and engaged with games and activities designed to reinforce skills and make learning interesting and fun.

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Our Field Trips are developed by teachers and academics like you, to simplify complex events from history, geography, science and popular culture. The content includes a combination of topical and traditional subjects to suit every classroom.

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Over 4,500:

Maps, videos, animations, games, news articles, lesson plans & activities.

Every student learns differently. Maps101 offers a variety of rich, engaging media for every learning style. From full text current affairs reports to audio podcasts, interactive maps, games, and videos from National Geographic, there are materials for every sense.

Common Core & TEKS

compatible For Your Classroom

Maps101 saves teachers time by providing packaged lesson plans complete with support materials. In just a few clicks you can access a ready-to-go lesson plan that will engage your students and cover the basics.

Unlimited Access

And Teacher Support

With such an array of topics and media available, we want to ensure you get the most out of your school’s subscription. Maps101 offers support to teachers both in theory and practice. From introductory videos and live webinars to classroom activities and collections, we make sourcing teaching materials easier and quicker.

Spanish LanguaGE

Common core in dual languages.

Studies show that teaching subjects in dual languages helps strengthen understanding in multiple domains simultaneously, and in just a fraction of the time spent learning the material. Maps101 offers an entire section of Spanish-language content dedicated to connect ALL of your students to the material you teach, so you don’t have to have two programs going on at once.

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